Delegates and Alternates for the 2016 4th Congressional District Republican Convention

Listed below are the delegates elected by slate at the county caucus to represent Boone County at the 2016 4th Congressional District Convention, held April 30 in Sedalia at Smith Cotton High School, starting at 10 a.m.


Holly Andrews Erich Albert Frederick Berry Jennifer Bukowsky
Jeffrey Bundrick Taylor Burks Kellie Ann Coats James Coyne
Kat Cunningham Peggy Eskew Beverly Fries Roger Fries
Terry Godfrey James Green Mary Lou Green L. Hunter Kevil
Norman Lampton Anthony R. Lupo Mary E. Lupo Hannah Manring
Noah Manring Polly Manring Diane Mendenhall Tom Mendenhall
Rob Monsees Kimberly Nelson Rachel Payton James (Jimmy) Pounds
Caleb Rowden William Samuels Rosa Schleeter Steve Spellman
Derek Spencer Donna Spickert Terry Spickert Jessica Stengel
Keri Stuart Daniel Szy Lisa Thomas Cheri Toalson Reisch
Russ Walker Sara Walsh Steve Walsh Aaron Willard
Becky Willard

Listed below are the alternates elected by slate at the county caucus. If one or more of our elected delegates are not able to attend the Congressional Convention, alternates will be contacted in numbered order 1-45 as listed on the elected slate to fill the delegate spot.


1. Caleb Jones 2. Susan Taylor 3. Elizabeth “Betsy” Phillips 4. Ernie Phillips
5. Spencer Hoagland 6. Joe Pounds 7. Ryan Dougherty 8. Paul Prevo
9. Steve Pappas 10. Brenden Cossette 11. Dewey Crepeau 12. Tonja Dillard
13. Carolyn Fresenburg 14. Aaron Hedlund 15. Charles Hutchison 16. Wilma Rajcher Levy
17. John McGee 18. Chuck Adamson 19. Kathy Ashton 20. Chuck Basye
21. Paul Blythe 22. Eric Bruning 23. Les Toalson 24. Mark Langworthy
25. Dan Fischbach 26. Chris Herter 27. Pam Anderson 28. David Kubiak
29. Jim Lambert 30. Deidra Lookingbill 31. Angela McGeorge 32. Michael Coleman
33. Blake Robinson 34. Hannah Smith 35. Kitty Spencer 36. Don Waterman
37. Timothy Vargesko 38. Thomas Wall 39. Philip Leith 40. Laurel Youmans
41. Gaitha Athans 42. Steve Athans 43. Sonia Potts 44. Joan Rawson
45. John Sullivan