Trump-Pence Missouri Campaign Announces Senior Staff, Office Opening

JEFFERSON CITY, MO – Today, the Trump-Pence Missouri campaign announced the addition of two experienced campaign operatives in senior staff positions, as well as the opening of its headquarters in Jefferson City where it will coordinate the campaign’s operations in this key battleground state.

The campaign’s Missouri State Director Aaron Willard said, “Our campaign is focused on winning Missouri, and is reaching out to Republicans, Independents and disaffected Democrats to accomplish that goal.  Missouri voters recognize that Hillary Clinton represents a third Obama term, while the Trump-Pence campaign of tougher law enforcement, stopping illegal immigration and bringing back jobs is resonating strongly across the state.”

Aaron Willard, Missouri State Director — Willard has worked to help Republican efforts both inside and outside the political process for more than a decade.  Willard helped to build Republican super-majorities in the state legislature as the Executive Director of Missouri’s House Republican Campaign Committee, served as campaign manager during Congresswoman Ann Wagner’s initial run for Congress, and as Chief of Staff under two Missouri House speakers. Willard is a native of Troy, Missouri and currently resides in Columbia.

Todd Abrajano, Missouri Communications Director — Abrajano is President of Turning Point Public Affairs, LLC which he founded in 2010.  While leading Turning Point, Abrajano has served as a top strategist to Republican candidates throughout the country.  He previously served as a Vice President at Vox Global, a Washington-based international public affairs firm, and as Communications Director for the Missouri House during the 2005 and 2006 legislative sessions.  In 2008, he directed “Spin Room” media relations for the McCain-Palin campaign during the vice presidential debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin held at Washington University in St. Louis.  Abrajano is a native of the Kansas City area and has lived in the St. Louis region since 2006.

Separately, the campaign announced the opening of its Missouri headquarters, located at 105 E. High Street in Jefferson City.