Kander’s False & Misleading Campaign

Fellow Republicans,

Please take a few minutes to read the message below about the false and misleading statements put out by the Jason Kander campaign, and how we can push back against those statements when talking with voters and posting on social media in support of Roy Blunt for the U.S. Senate. The message provides you with THE facts about Roy’s issue-focused campaign, why Kander isn’t candid about his support for the Clinton agenda, and why Kander can’t be trusted to represent Missouri.

TO: Friends of Roy Blunt County Coordinators and Field Staff
FR: Derek Coats-Deputy Campaign Manager, Friends of Roy Blunt
DT: October 17, 2016
RE: Jason Kander’s False and Misleading Campaign

As we approach the final three weeks of this campaign, it is critical that each of us leave nothing to chance. We should assume each person we come in contact with is an undecided voter. The balance of the Senate could very well come down to what happens right here in Missouri. If we all do our part, we can maintain Republican control of the Senate. If we win the White House, a Republican Senate can help move America in a new direction. If, God forbid, Hillary Clinton wins the national election, a Republican Senate will be a critical check to stop her from doing even more damage to our country.

Roy Blunt has run a campaign focused on the issues. The same cannot be said for Jason Kander. There is a lot of misinformation being disseminated by the Kander campaign and his liberal special interest allies in Washington, D.C. Here are the facts:

  1. Jason Kander’s campaign is based on a dumbed-down set of lies designed to mislead Missourians and prevent a full discussion of his extreme liberal voting record, a voting record that is out of step with the views and values of Missourians.
  2. One of the Kander campaign’s most blatant deceptions is his claim that Roy Blunt should not be re-elected to the Senate because he has voted to raise his own pay 12 times. This is simply not true. As your United States Senator, Roy Blunt has never voted for or accepted a pay increase. As was reported this week, since Roy Blunt was elected to the United States Senate, Senators’ pay has not changed.
  3. Another recent lie of Jason Kander’s is that Roy Blunt spends the weekends at luxury beach resorts paid for by lobbyists. Well, those of us who know Roy know this could not be farther from the truth. Lobbyists cannot pay for such travel. It is against the law. Since being elected to the Senate, Roy has appeared at more than 1,600 events in Missouri. He works hard to serve his constituents well. In fact, the Kander campaign has not only accused Roy of something he would never do, they have accused him of something that, if true, would be a crime. Their assertions are shameless.
  4. Not only has Jason Kander decided to ignore the issues, he is viciously attacking Roy Blunt’s family. His campaign is designed to insinuate that each member of Roy Blunt’s family is a lobbyist walking the halls of Congress. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

a. Abby Blunt is an employee of the Kraft Heinz Company, like 2,000 other Missourians. Her role is to work with public officials globally on behalf of Kraft Heinz, and she has voluntarily adopted a practice of not discussing legislation related to Kraft Heinz with Roy or any other member of the United States Senate.
b. Matt Blunt, Missouri’s 54th governor, leads the American Automobile Policy Council, which is a group founded by Chrysler, Ford and GM. Most of Governor Blunt’s work is focused on making sure that American-made cars and trucks and the people who make them have access to foreign markets for their products. The U.S. exports more cars and parts than any other product, and that means thousands of jobs for Missourians.
c. Amy Blunt is a lawyer in Missouri and has one client that she represents in Jefferson City. Andy Blunt is also a lawyer in Missouri with his own firm in Jefferson City, which has multiple clients. Neither of them lobby the U.S. government or Congress.

Please feel free to share these facts with our hundreds of volunteers working every day and our thousands of supporters that we are interacting with so they can spread the truth.

Also feel free to point out that Jason Kander’s wife was listed as a lobbyist on two separate biographies that she wrote, one of which was a law firm. When asked about it, Kander’s campaign said it was an “aspirational biography.” What in the world is that? I guess that means they were either lying then, or lying now.

Liberal special interest groups are spending millions to mislead Missourians about Roy Blunt. Our job is to remind Missourians that Jason Kander is too liberal for Missouri. He will support every element of Hillary Clinton’s agenda. Together, they want to expand Obamacare, grant amnesty to illegal immigrants, and double your utility bills through the implementation of a new national energy tax. If Hillary Clinton and Jason Kander are both elected, he’ll rubber stamp her extreme and liberal nominees to the Supreme Court. Kander would merely be one of the reinforcements for the extreme liberals who have driven America off course.

Keep up the good work!