Election 2018 Get Out The Vote

Thank You For Your Contributions and Support; Time To Finish Strong!

We’ve done a lot this election cycle, from hosting events for candidates, supporting candidates at their events, registering voters, canvassing voters in Columbia, and being at events in Centralia (Anchor Festival), Sturgeon (County Fair Parade), Ashland (4th of July Parade), Hallsville (FunFest), the Reagan Picnic (Columbia) and much more.

But this is the time when we need you the most! Please review these volunteer opportunities, and sign up for a shift or three!

Our entire slate needs you to make voter contacts, make phone calls, share on social media, write letters to the editor, and much more to help their campaigns and your Boone County Republican Party. We cannot and must not be complacent this election cycle. We cannot rely on our successes with judicial appointments and nominations, personal wage growth, better trade deals, low unemployment, elimination of job-killing rules, and tax reform – we must ask for everyone’s vote and take nothing for granted. We have to tell our own success stories, because no one else will. Our candidates are working hard telling about our successes and asking for votes. But they need your help.

If you want to keep the Growth, Opportunity and Prosperity we are experiencing now, you need to vote Republican and get as many voters as you can to vote Republican up and down the ballot to create a red wall. The Democrats want to have a blue wave to repeal the tax cuts, conduct non-stop investigations, put back in place job-killing rules, abolish ICE, re-write election laws, and to bring back this phrase – “Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi”.

Pray as if it all depended on God; work as if it all depended on you.