Boone County Commissioners’ actions damage public trust

Boone County Presiding Commissioner Dan Atwill and District II Comissioner Janet Thompson betrayed public trust and blatantly violated the Sunshine Law by intentionally trying to call an official county meeting without the knowledge of fellow District I Commissioner Fred Parry.

If their secret meeting happened, the two commissioners would have had a quorum to conduct official county business and decide important issues without the knowledge or input of the other elected commissioner. Half the county’s voters, through their elected representative on the commission, would have been silenced.

These shady actions only damage the public’s trust in city and county government during this public health situation, especially when they give no public comment and make no apology regarding excluding Parry from their meeting notices.

Imagine the uproar if Republicans in Jefferson City attempted to call a session without notifying their Democratic colleagues. By trying to conduct business outside of established rules and procedures, these commissioners have shown they cannot be entrusted with leading Boone County.