Meet Northern District Commissioner Candidate Brenndan Riddles

Brenndan Riddles

Brenndan Riddles

Why do you want to be Northern District Commissioner?

Because the people of northern Boone County do not currently have proper or adequate representation

What do you think is the biggest issue facing Boone County currently?

The impending budget shortfall caused by the COVID-19 response and how to prioritize the county services to minimize the felt discomfort to the people of Boone county

What is an under-the-radar issue you think should get more attention?

The current lack of leadership that manifests as an unwillingness to have the hard conversations. As a lack of transparency, as a wasting of public resources.

Why should voters elect you on Aug. 4 as the Republican nominee for Northern District Commissioner?

I believe I’m the best qualified person to represent the people of Boone county. My years of experience as a corporate officer where I demonstrated the quiet leadership skills that gained the confidence of the members who saw fit to elected president and under my leadership the organization went from near bankruptcy to an entire years operating capitol in the bank at the end of the year. With my decades of experience as a licensed electrician where I am regularly expected to anticipate the needs of a project a a year or more in advance while being responsible for as many as 10 or 15 projects per year.

What can Boone County government do to help diversify and expand the County’s economy so all Boone Countians, and especially those who are economically disadvantaged, can have an opportunity to prosper?

Always have a mind to expanding the tax base instead of the tax rate. Make time for opportunities that may benefit the people and economy of Boone County. Always watch, listen, and pursue potential economic growth. As a first generation American I’m not a fan of the economically disadvantaged mind set, whatever you do for a job do it like your life, your reputation, and your family depend on your work ethic because they do. My words to live by have been “get up, dress up, show up, and get after it”. We live in the USA there is no better country to wake up in.

How can voters contact you to help with your campaign?
Brenndan Riddles
3203 Brown Station Road
Columbia, Missouri 65202