Meet Northern District Commissioner Candidate Jim Musgraves

Describe your background and experience.

Jim Musgraves

Jim Musgraves

I am a recently retired 31-year veteran of the U.S. Navy.  I am also a Mizzou alumnus. I earned a NROTC scholarship while I was serving as an enlisted sailor which brought me back to Boone County.  I earned my degree from Mizzou, was commissioned as a Naval Officer, and left for US Navy flight training.

As a naval officer I had the privilege to serve with some of America’s finest. Over the course of several tours and many years I gained a lot of leadership and management experience. I have successfully built and led teams as small as a handful, to hundreds of people. I have successfully developed and implemented plans to efficiently manage assets in a variety of environments ensuring successful task accomplishment.  I have judiciously and efficiently managed budgets, some valued at thousands of dollars to those that exceeded millions.  I have successfully organized and led large cross-organizational collaborations.

Additionally, during my off-duty hours, I earned two graduate degrees: A Master of Education with an emphasis in Educational Leadership and a Master of Science in Administration focusing on Human Performance Technology.

As I began preparing to transition from the military, I specifically chose to come back to Boone County for my final tour, where I served as the Executive Officer and Associate Professor of Naval Science for the Naval ROTC here at Mizzou, because Boone County is home.

Why do you want to be Northern District Commissioner?

I am running for this office because I want to help make Boone County a better place to live for all of our residents and in order to accomplish this I believe we have got to return to the basics of governing – accountability through transparency, public safety, and infrastructure maintenance and economic development.

We need true and effective leadership to accomplish this.  I am frustrated with the lack of leadership in the Boone County Commission.  I have the leadership experience and skillsets to bridge that gap and help guide Boone County to a path of growth.

What do you think is the biggest issue facing Boone County currently?

The biggest issue facing Boone County is a leadership vacuum in the Boone County Commission.  An effective leader inspires trust rather than relying on control, fosters ideas rather than assigning duties, sees opportunities rather than problems, challenges the status quo rather than accepting it, thinks long term rather than short term, and encourages team members rather than instructing employees.

With true, effective leadership we can successfully address all issues facing Boone County.  I have the experience necessary to fill the leadership vacuum and successfully lead Boone County.

What is an under-the-radar issue you think should get more attention?

The Boone County budget, more specifically, the lack of transparency in how each of our tax dollars are spent.  I believe that if we have a stronger understanding of how our tax dollars are managed (or in many cases mismanaged) we would know a lot more about what the Commission is or is not doing for Boone Countians.

Accountability through transparency – The Boone County budget is bloated.  We as taxpayers are not told how our tax dollars are allocated and spent.  A budget pdf written in accountancy terms published on a web page is NOT transparency.  The state of Missouri has an accountability and transparency page on its website and Boone County should have the same!  This will allow the taxpayers to track were their money is being spent and make educated decisions about future tax proposals.

Why should voters elect you on Aug. 4 as the Republican nominee for Northern District Commissioner?

I have the leadership and management experience necessary to successfully perform as the Boone County Associate Commissioner for District II (Northern District).

I do not have a professional political consultant telling me what I need to or should say or do to get elected.   What I do have is over three decades of living a “service above self” life.  I do not have a pre-established fundraising network.  What I do have is decades of successful performance in leadership positions. I do have decades of successful teambuilding experience.  I do have a record of building successful cross-organizational relationships. I have been successful in developing plans to solve issues in fiscally constrained environments.  I have the leadership and management experience required to be a successful Boone County Commissioner.

“Service” and “giving back” are not political season slogans or ideas for me, “service above self” has been a way of life for me the last 34+ years.

What can Boone County government do to help diversify and expand the County’s economy so all Boone Countians, and especially those who are economically disadvantaged, can have an opportunity to prosper?

This is not a short answer question as there are several different considerations when examining the Boone County economy and how to diversify and expand it.

The County Commission cannot do this alone. Diversifying and expanding the Boone County economy will require collaboration between the Commission and the leadership in our cities and smaller communities. Our cities and rural areas know better what they need and what they can potentially offer to attract businesses.  The goal of this collaboration would be to recruit companies/industries to establish a footprint in Boone County. Once successful, the new businesses will expand the local economies and create jobs. Additionally, the tax revenue generated from the new businesses and jobs can help fund the infrastructure development that will necessarily be required with the expanding economy.

To address the “economically disadvantaged”, a specific definition of such needs to be determined.  Generically speaking, the jobs created through the expansion of the economy may help. However, the one thing for certain is that we need to determine the root cause(s) of this/these “economic disadvantage(s),” however they are defined.  Perpetual attempts to address the issue without consideration of its root cause(s) is pointless, and results in the need to readdress the same issue at some point in the future.

Please add a note on your stances about wind turbines and/or associated issues regarding them. 

The proposal for a potential wind farm in Boone County is an interesting one from the few articles I have read.  I would like to attend the next meeting of the communities potentially impacted by this to hear firsthand from residents, on both sides of the issue, rather than reading newspaper articles.

However, based on what I have read, it seems there remain a lot of unanswered questions such as safety, easements, and noise abatement concerns

Generically speaking, I support property rights of the individual. I do want to learn more about the E.ON proposal.

How can voters contact you to help with your campaign?

Phone: (573) 327-2372
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