Meet Northern District Commissioner Candidate Tristan Asbury

Tristan Asbury

Tristan Asbury

Please describe your background and experience. 

My wife, Kari, and I have been married for four years this October. Being a Boone Countian for much of my life, and Kari being a Mizzou Tiger, Boone County was the clear choice for us to start our business and raise our family.

My strong work ethic and sense of fiscal responsibility have long been engrained into who I am. I started a landscaping company to pay my way through college, and later, along with my wife, went on to start a successful marketing company in Boone County. In addition to the media production company my wife and I operate, I serve as the director of strategic communications for the Missouri Association of REALTORS®.

I know how difficult it can be to run a business, especially in these unprecedented times. I will use my years of experience as an entrepreneur and at the Missouri Department of Agriculture where I opened additional avenues for companies to sell their Missouri-made products all around the world, to work for Boone Countians as your next Northern Boone County Commissioner. I will market Boone County as the best place to live, work, and raise a family because it truly is a tremendous place to call home.

From my time in FFA and 4-H, to owning a small business, I have spent my entire life learning about and advocating for one of the largest industries in Missouri and Boone County – agriculture. As your next county commissioner, those dealing with flooding, droughts, and unprecedented processing and market issues, will finally have someone who truly understands every aspect of the ag industry and can advocate for their needs. I know it takes being part of a community to understand its need, which is why I have always tried to help ours whenever possible.

From a young age, I worked with my father to serve the homeless population in Columbia, helping the underserved members of our community get back on their feet. Whether it is jumping into a truck and heading to Joplin, Missouri, to provide relief after the devastating F-5 tornado, flying to the Philippines for a 10-day mission trip to help after the deadly typhoon left countless without homes, or simply working with local charities to help pack meals for kids, I have been instilled with a sense of service to my community and helping people in need.

Kari and I are members of Missouri Farm Bureau and attend Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Columbia. I am a member of the NRA, a volunteer for local food drives, and a past member of Kiwanis International. I have the background and experience to bring a fresh vision to the issues facing our communities and understand the need for a new and more transparent way of operating our county commission.

Why do you want to be Northern District Commissioner? 

As a member of the Boone County community, I felt it was time to put my experience to work to better the community my family has chosen to live in. Boone County needs someone who understands what it’s like to start and run a business, has the knowledge of Missouri’s agriculture and real estate industry, and most importantly, not only understands how to communicate with the public, but market the assets our county has to offer.

What do you think is the biggest issue facing Boone County currently? 

Every county has areas where they could improve, however – in conversation with folks across the Northern District, there is one common thread in our conversations; they believe we need greater transparency in county government to represent their best interests. I agree. That is why I’ve committed to being transparent during this campaign and also as a county commissioner. I recognize there can be no true accountability without true transparency. I commit to bringing total transparency to the commission so there’s no question about the motives or decision-making process of the commissioners.

What is an under-the-radar issue you think should get more attention? 

Boone County business owners constantly tell me there is a lack of trained employees to fill the jobs they have available. An untrained and unavailable workforce can be the death knell of any local economy. We must ensure there is high quality and readily available technical education available for our workforce. Without a strong workforce, small businesses will struggle despite any opportunity or desire they may have to expand their business.

Why should voters elect you on Aug. 4 as the Republican nominee for Northern District Commissioner? 

I believe the voters of Boone County deserve a commissioner who, first and foremost, is transparent and accountable. They deserve a commissioner who understands what it’s like to own and operate a small business, one who truly understands the needs and pressures of Boone County farmers, and a commissioner who believes that infrastructure and public safety are vital to the local economy and local families. These are issues I care deeply about, and more importantly, have built my career on. That said, I hope to earn your vote on August 4th.

What can Boone County government do to help diversify and expand the County’s economy so all Boone Countians, and especially those who are economically disadvantaged, can have an opportunity to prosper?

Boone County is truly blessed when it comes to its offerings. In addition to numerous institutions of higher education, thriving local businesses and multiple rural communities, our county must be marketed in a way that attracts new people and businesses. Most importantly, we must continue to support our small businesses, apprenticeship programs, and technical education in a way that helps our workforce receive the training they need. By doing so, we are not only benefiting our businesses, but providing Boone Countians with higher living standards and better paying jobs. Lastly, we must fully support and fund law enforcement and infrastructure. Public safety and transportation are key to economic expansion in any community.

How can voters contact you to help with your campaign? 

Address: Friends for Tristan Asbury | P.O. Box 30742 | Columbia, MO 65205
Facebook: @Asbury4Boone