On the Aug. 4 Primary Ballot: Medicaid Expansion and the Boone County Northern District Commissioner contest

Boone County voter information here, including deadlines for vote-by-mail and absentee ballots. Be aware of deadlines!

Boone County Northern District Commissioner (District 2) Candidates

Meet the candidates (alphabetical order):
Tristan Asbury
Sam Boyce
Jim Musgraves
Brenndan Riddles

Map of Northern and Southern Districts

On Medicaid Expansion:

Vote NO on 2

Vote NO on 2!

Here is the official ballot language from the Missouri Secretary of State’s website.

Why vote “No”?

  • Current Medicaid enrollees who truly need it will not receive the care they need.
  • Expansion will cost our state up to an additional $349,000,000 every year. This will cause either a tax increase or cuts to programs like education, public safety and transportation.
  • Medicaid financial fraud is already on the rise in Missouri. Expansion will only increase this fraud exponentially.
  • Nationally, approximately 800,000 people received coverage for which they were ineligible in states that had expanded.
  • Expansion WILL NOT save rural hospitals. If expanded, Missouri’s hospital Medicaid shortfall is projected to INCREASE by more than $150,000,000, which is equivalent to 2,700 jobs.
  • Medicaid expansion forces an Obamacare entitlement onto Missouri taxpayers.