Theft of Trump Flag in Columbia Recorded

Theft of Trump flag in Columbia, August. 30, 2020 | Click picture to watch video

Additional Unacceptable Behavior From Those That Disagree With Republicans
The above event is just another example of Republican campaign items being stolen and vandalized in Boone County this year, along with every other campaign year. In an even worse situation, American flags were recently intentionally set on fire that were part of a Trump/Pence sign display.

And it’s not just Trump/Pence signs being stolen and vandalized this year.

Stealing or willfully destroying campaign signs and literature are class four election offenses, and convictions can lead to a fine and jail time. The relevant section is at RSMo 115.637.

If you have had any political items stolen or vandalized, fill out a police report with your city’s police force or the Boone County Sheriff’s Office. Report these incidents at minimum so there is a record.

And instead of being intimidated and remaining quiet, we now have two new volunteers helping us.