Vote Yes on 3 for a Cleaner Missouri

Vote Yes on 3 for a Cleaner Missouri

Missourians deserve fair representation in Jefferson City

• Ban lobbyist gifts for good
• Reduce campaign finance contribution limits
• Restore the bipartisan commission to draw legislative maps
• Eliminate the partisan appointed position of demographer

Visit the Missouri Secretary of State site for more information and fair ballot language.

False Claims about Amendment 3

  • Opponents claim that this creates gerrymandering by changing the criteria of districts. FALSE: The criteria are politically neutral—equal populations, compact and contiguous districts, preservation of community representation.
  • Opponents will claim that the elimination of the demographer position creates gerrymandering.. FALSE— Having a panel of bi-partisan commissioners making decisions, with recourse to the courts, is less partisan than a single unaccountable demographer that is appointed by a statewide partisan office holder, the auditor, with limited input from other elected officials.
  • Opponents will claim that this is an attempt by the legislature to overturn the will of the people. FALSE—This gives the voters of Missouri a choice in how their future districts will be determined. It is the voter who has the choice in this election