Boone County Treasurer Appointment

Current Boone County Treasurer Tom Darrough plans to resign his post once a successor is named. His successor will be named by Gov. Parson.

In light of the news that the Treasurer for Boone County plans to resign, a new treasurer will be appointed. The Boone County Treasurer is an elected position.

The Governor has the duty to appoint a treasurer to fill the position until the next election. The Boone County Republican Central Committee seeks suggestions and nominations, including self-nominations, for the next Boone County Treasurer. The Committee would like to interview candidates in order to make a recommendation to Gov. Parson by mid-February.

If you are interested in the position, please send your contact information and credentials to:
Anthony R. Lupo
Boone County Republican Central Committee
PO Box 1541
Columbia, MO 65205
Phone: 573-489-8457

Interested candidates can go to to fill out an application in addition to reaching out to the Central Committee.

If you know of a person who would excel in this position, please send their name and contact to us as above.

For more information on the duties of the Treasurer:

For more information about the requirements for the Treasurer position: