Stealing and/or vandalizing campaign signs are misdemeanors in Missouri

2022 UPDATE: We’re already receiving reports that large signs have been destroyed multiple times, especially in south Columbia along Grindstone. Please let us know if you see any signs being destroyed or have information about this destruction.
With the general election swinging into full gear, another election tradition has already started to rear its ugly head – stealing and vandalizing campaign signs.


Already this year, there have been multiple incidents of Republican campaign signs in Boone County being stolen, vandalized, and even worse, American flags intentionally set on fire that were part of a Trump/Pence sign display (picture above).

“Although it is tough for cases to be brought forth and prosecuted, this type of petty vandalism is both illegal and an infringement upon people’s rights, including speech and property,” said Boone County Republican Party Chairman Mike Zweifel. “You should not steal or vandalize other people’s property, no matter how much you disagree with the message or candidate.”

Stealing or willfully destroying campaign signs is a class four election offense, and convictions can lead to a fine and jail time. The relevant section is at RSMo 115.637.