Voters Trust Republicans

From the Missouri Republican Party

As the election nears, you might have noticed that Democrat candidates have been pushing certain messaging.

The Democrats lag behind Republicans on many topics including the economy, the border, and safety of communities. For that reason, Democrats know they will lose voters on these issues and won’t discuss these topics.

Voters trust Republicans more than they trust Democrats to:

  • Fix the economy: We are the party that emphasizes limited government and with that, limited spending. The amount of tax dollars President Biden has thrown at the economy has contributed to the recession we are experiencing. That message is getting through to voters. Voters also remember that it was not long ago that gas was below $3 a gallon while we had a Republican President who was trying to get the U.S. on a path towards energy independence.
  • Secure the border: Record levels of fentanyl are coming across the southern border. Fentanyl overdoses are now the number one killer of adults 18-45 years old. President Biden and Democrats have done nothing to even try to secure the border. President Biden hasn’t even visited the border himself. Since President Biden took office, border crossings sky rocketed to record levels. A recipe for disaster.
  • Ensure safe communities: Republicans have never called to defund police, and in fact, have supported law enforcement whenever possible. Voters remember the chaos that ensued when Democrats began calling to defund police departments. Part of Missouri is even represented by the defund the police movement’s champion, Cori Bush, who still clings to that messaging though it’s not resonating. Our own Missouri House and Senate Democrats would also cut funding for public safety if they had the votes to do it. Thank goodness they don’t, and we need to keep it that way on November 8th.

You will mostly see Democrats pushing their abortion rhetoric. That’s the issue they think will win voters. But even on that topic Democrats are extreme and most Americans and Missourians don’t want or agree with those extreme abortion policies.

Bottom line: Democrats are just out of touch all the way around.

Consumer Price Index Numbers

September’s Consumer Price Index soared by 8.2% compared to last year, exceeding economists’ expectations and remaining at a near 40-year high.

  • Fuel oil is up 58.1%;
  • Airline fares are up 42.9%;
  • Eggs are up 30.5%;
  • Gas is up 18.2%;  
  • Electricity is up 15.5%;
  • Milk is up 15.2%;
  • Groceries are up 13%;
  • Baby food is up 11.8%;
  • Meat, poultry, and fish are up 7.7%.

Inflation is wiping out wage gains.

  • Real wages have fallen every month since Biden and Democrats passed their wasteful $1.9 trillion “stimulus.”
  • Real average hourly earnings fell 3% over the last year, marking the 18th month in a row under Biden in which inflation has outpaced wages.

Even if inflation stopped rising today, Biden’s price hike would cost the average American family more than $8,739 over the next year.

  • In September alone, inflation cost the typical household an extra $728.

Bidenflation is driving millions of Americans deeper into debt.

  • With inflation showing no sign of slowing, millions of families have no choice but to “load up on credit cards or dip into [their] savings” to make ends meet.
  • Low-income Americans spend a “greater share of their earnings on necessities like groceries and gas,” meaning inflation is having a disproportionate impact on these households.
  • Millions of Americans are taking on more debt to “cover daily expenses such as groceries, child care or utilities.”

Covid Brings Down ACT Scores

This week it broke that national ACT scores are the lowest they’ve been in 30 years. This is obviously largely due to Covid policies; locking down schools for way too long, and mandating mask wearing. These covid school lockdown policies, pushed by teacher unions, were mostly political in nature, instead of in the interest of the kids, who were and still are suffering as a result.

Voter ID

The new Missouri election legislation which was passed by the legislature and signed into law by Governor Parson earlier this year, survived its first legal challenge.

Cole County Circuit Judge Jon Beetem found that the individuals and groups that filed the lawsuit could not prove the law had injured them in their right to vote in the November 8 election, “The court finds that Missouri voters do not have a legally protectable interest in avoiding the everyday burdens of getting an expired license renewed.”


You can currently vote absentee for the November election. Absentee voting will be open until the day before the election. You can request an absentee ballot via mail until October 26th.