“I Will Never Quit”

Early voting has started. It was reported to me that more than 800 citizens had cast their vote at the Boone County Government Center before 1:30 pm on Thursday, Oct 27. All indications are that we will have a big turnout in Boone County. I need your vote and you to continue to encourage family and friends to check the ballot for Connie M. Leipard, Presiding Commissioner!
Let’s talk Boone County – the last of three topics I promised to discuss. Transparency. Boone County has $35 million in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) doled out from Federal Treasury. How will this money be allocated in Boone County? There has not been much public conversation about this topic by the Commission in the months that I have been attending meetings. County-wide community engagement will be top of my list to get accomplished. You need a voice in this process! Transparency is key to building public trust in our government.
I have been asked over and over, “Why should I believe you are the best candidate for the position of Presiding Commissioner?”

Simply put, I am not a career politician on a career track looking down the road for the next stop. I am a concerned citizen, a businesswoman with decades of experience and expertise in organizational management, budgeting, fiduciary and legal training for boards and commissions. I am the only candidate with executive leadership experience. Not to “tout” my skills and experience, but Boone County needs common sense and practical leadership. I do not hide from hard decisions or make excuses. I WILL NEVER QUIT on the citizens of this County when circumstances get rocky.  And they will get rocky soon.
The only reason I am in this race is to serve Boone County citizens well.
See you on the campaign trail!

Connie Leipard for Boone County Presiding Commissioner

“I confidently recommend Connie Leipard for the position of Presiding Commissioner. Connie excels as a business owner and is a leader not only in the local area but on the national level. I most admire Connie for her selfless volunteer work. I served with her at numerous events promoting career exploration for young people and there I acquired respect and admiration for her generosity, intelligence, and dedication to a good cause. I believe Connie will use her leadership skills and dedication to serve the citizens of Boone County as an exceptional Presiding Commissioner.”

Diane Heckemeyer Professional Engineer

Former Department Chair-Civil Engineering Technology – State Technical College, Linn MO