Missouri’s Historic Election

Thanks to the efforts of Missouri’s grassroots Republicans, Missouri stayed a very bright RED after Tuesday’s election.

In the State House, Republicans retained their supermajority, which Democrats were so eager to break. In January 2023, 111 of the House members will be Republican.

Republicans also retained their supermajority in the State Senate. We didn’t gain any seats, nor did we lose any. There will be 24 Republican senators for the 2023 legislative session, just as there were last session.

On the federal level, Republicans kept all six of our already Republican congressional seats. Both open congressional districts were won by Republicans, Mark Alford MO-04, and Eric Burlison MO-07. Blaine Leutkemeyer, Ann Wagner, Sam Graves, and Jason Smith all retained their seats with large victory margins. Missouri is returning six Republicans to the U.S. Congress.

In the U.S. Senate, Eric Schmitt was victorious, and will be replacing Roy Blunt. It was vital that Republicans kept that seat for the good of the nation. Missouri did our part to help the country, and ourselves by sending Eric Schmitt to the Senate who shares our values.

A truly historical result of election night is that in January we can expect to Republicans to occupy ALL statewide elected Missouri offices for the first time in more than 150 years. State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick won his race for State Auditor to succeed the current retiring Democrat State Auditor. The state auditor was the only statewide office still occupied by a Democrat. With the election of Eric Schmitt and Scott Fitzpatrick the office of attorney general and treasurer will become vacant in January. Governor Mike Parson is charged with appointing new statewide office holders to these soon to be vacant offices. Once the appointments are made and everyone is sworn into office in January 2023, we can expect that there will be no Missouri statewide office occupied by a Democrat for the first time since the 1860s!

Supermajorities in the General Assembly and a Republican in every statewide office is historical and impressive! Thank you for getting this accomplished! We’ve shown the nation that Missouri is staying solidly Republican.

Lastly, Amendment 4 passed. This was a positive step to support our law enforcement in our state after a blatant attempt to defund the police in Kansas City. Passing the amendment sent the message that here in Missouri, we back the blue.

It’s important that with so much control of our state government, that Republican leaders work for the people of Missouri. They must prioritize lower taxes, small and efficient government, parents rights, the value of life, investing in education, and protecting Missouri families by standing up to the President Biden administration for these next two years.