Columbia Public Schools elementary and middle schoolers view drag show event without parental knowledge

Three things are certain in life: death, taxes and Columbia Public Schools not being fully transparent with parents.

Some CPS middle schoolers were present at the 2023 Columbia Values Diversity Breakfast this week, which included a drag show. The permission slip sent to parents for the students to attend the event only mentioned “singing and dancing” at the breakfast – nothing about a drag show or drag performers.

CPS had the responsibility to inform parents with kids attending the event their kids would witness a drag show as part of the program. This is yet another failure of communication, transparency and recognizing parental rights on the part of Columbia Public Schools board, administrators and staff.

Remember this in April during the Columbia Public Schools Board of Education election and elect those who will shine light onto Columbia Public Schools.

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Screenshot of Beulah Ralph Elementary Twitter page; image from event cropped to not show the children in the image.