Central Committee Members & Openings

The Boone County Republican Central Committee is made up of elected members and subsequent appointments of each ward or township authorized by Missouri Statute to conduct the business of the Republican Party in Boone County. The county is organized starting with wards inside cities and then out into the county townships. Each ward and township are permitted to have one man and one woman on the Committee.

The Committee as a whole is expected to

  • Support Republican nominees after being selected in conventions or primaries
  • Recruit candidates for office
  • Raise funds for candidates and causes
  • Recruit poll workers to ensure free and fair elections
  • Coordinate with Republican organizations and their activities

The Committee currently meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month starting at 7 p.m. at Grand Cru in Columbia unless otherwise noted in the Calendar of Events. Meetings are open to the public. The list of committee members as of Jan. 18, 2023 are:

Dale Roberts, Ashland Ward 2 Committeeman
Eric Jennings, Ashland Ward 3 Committeeman
Bev Fries, Cedar Township Committeewoman
Roger Fries, Cedar Township Committeeman
Tim Grenke, Centralia Ward 3 Committeeman
Russ Walker, Columbia Township Committeeman
Robbyn Kempf, Columbia Ward 1 Committeewoman
Bill Samuels, Columbia Ward 1 Committeeman
Allison Lupo, Columbia Ward 2 Committeewoman
Anthony Lupo, Columbia Ward 2 Committeeman
Grace Bellante, Columbia Ward 3 Committeewoman
Darryl Smith, Columbia Ward 3 Committeeman
Lisa Gore, Columbia Ward 5 Committeewoman
Pam Anderson, Columbia Ward 6 Committeewoman
Erich Albert, Columbia Ward 6 Committeeman
Cheri Reisch, Hallsville Ward 1 Committeewoman
Trynton Roberts, Hallsville Ward 1 Committeeman
Mike Zweifel, Missouri Township Committeeman
Cindy Kadlec, Rock Bridge Township Committeewoman
Thomas Mendenhall, Rock Bridge Township Committeeman

Please see the list below for the current vacancies on the Central Committee. Please contact the committee at boonecountyrepublicans@gmail.com or call 573-340-5329 (leave message) if you are interested in filling one of these vacancies. Outside of the mandated filing period and election in August of even-numbered years, you must be nominated by a member of the current committee, and then voted upon by the whole committee for installation as a Committeeman/woman at the next meeting of the Committee. Requirement for being a Committee member is that you must have lived at your current address for one year, and that the position is available to be filled by nomination.

Please view the maps below to learn in which ward or township you reside. You can also find out your location by reviewing your voter records on the Boone County Clerk’s website, which will list in which ward/township you reside.

Boone County Civil Township Map (PDF)
City of Columbia Ward Map (PDF)
City of Centralia Ward Map (PDF)
City of Ashland Ward Map (PDF)
City of Sturgeon Ward Map (PDF)

Current vacancies as of April 25, 2023:
Ashland Ward 1 (Committeeman and Committeewoman)
Ashland Ward 2 (Committeewoman)
Ashland Ward 3 (Committeewoman)
Bourbon Township (Committeeman and Committeewoman)
Cedar Township (Committeeman and Committeewoman)
Centralia Township (Committeeman and Committeewoman)
Centralia Ward 1 (Committeeman and Committeewoman)
Centralia Ward 2 (Committeeman and Committeewoman)
Centralia Ward 3 (Committeewoman)
Columbia Township (Committeewoman)
Columbia Ward 4 (Committeeman)
Columbia Ward 5 (Committeeman)
Hallsville Ward 2 (Committeeman and Committeewoman)
Katy Township (Committeeman and Committeewoman)
Missouri Township (Committeewoman)
Perche Township (Committeeman and Committeewoman)
Rocheport Ward 1 (Committeeman and Committeewoman)
Rocheport Ward 2 (Committeeman and Committeewoman)
Rocky Fork Township (Committeeman and Committeewoman)
Sturgeon Ward (Committeeman and Committeewoman)
Three Creeks Township (Committeeman and Committeewoman)

If your committee spot is currently occupied, but you still want to volunteer, please contact the Committee has additional sub-committees that can utilize your talents and abilities to help grow the Republican Party in Boone County.