Neighborhood Associations May Not Prohibit Political Signs

For many years, various Homeowners Associations enacted Covenants and Restrictions which prohibit political signs within their respective neighborhood.

As of Aug. 28, 2018, Missouri statutes will now forbid Homeowners Associations from prohibiting political signs. House Bill 1887 stated, quite simply:

No deed restrictions, covenants, or similar binding agreements running with the land shall prohibit or have the effect of prohibiting the display of political signs.

The statute does, however, allow a Homeowners Association to enact reasonable restrictions as to dates, size, place, number, and manner of display of political signs. “Reasonable” is not defined in the bill.

The Boone County Republican Central Committee applauds this legislation as it protects a citizen’s right to free speech. It also protects and encourages the public to be engaged in the political process.

The relevant Missouri statue number is 442.404.

Vote Yes on 3 for a Cleaner Missouri

Vote Yes on 3 for a Cleaner Missouri

Missourians deserve fair representation in Jefferson City

• Ban lobbyist gifts for good
• Reduce campaign finance contribution limits
• Restore the bipartisan commission to draw legislative maps
• Eliminate the partisan appointed position of demographer

Visit the Missouri Secretary of State site for more information and fair ballot language.

False Claims about Amendment 3

  • Opponents claim that this creates gerrymandering by changing the criteria of districts. FALSE: The criteria are politically neutral—equal populations, compact and contiguous districts, preservation of community representation.
  • Opponents will claim that the elimination of the demographer position creates gerrymandering.. FALSE— Having a panel of bi-partisan commissioners making decisions, with recourse to the courts, is less partisan than a single unaccountable demographer that is appointed by a statewide partisan office holder, the auditor, with limited input from other elected officials.
  • Opponents will claim that this is an attempt by the legislature to overturn the will of the people. FALSE—This gives the voters of Missouri a choice in how their future districts will be determined. It is the voter who has the choice in this election

Theft of Trump Flag in Columbia Recorded

Theft of Trump flag in Columbia, August. 30, 2020 | Click picture to watch video

Additional Unacceptable Behavior From Those That Disagree With Republicans
The above event is just another example of Republican campaign items being stolen and vandalized in Boone County this year, along with every other campaign year. In an even worse situation, American flags were recently intentionally set on fire that were part of a Trump/Pence sign display.

And it’s not just Trump/Pence signs being stolen and vandalized this year.

Stealing or willfully destroying campaign signs and literature are class four election offenses, and convictions can lead to a fine and jail time. The relevant section is at RSMo 115.637.

If you have had any political items stolen or vandalized, fill out a police report with your city’s police force or the Boone County Sheriff’s Office. Report these incidents at minimum so there is a record.

And instead of being intimidated and remaining quiet, we now have two new volunteers helping us.

2020 General Election Deadlines

Republican Poll Workers are needed to help ensure a safe and problem-free election in Boone County.
Absentee Voting Starts:
September 22, 2020

Last Day to Register to Vote:
October 7, 2020

Saturday Hours at the County Clerk’s Office (9:00 AM to 1:00 PM):
October 3, 2020
October 31, 2020

Application deadline for absentee ballots to be mailed to voter:
October 21, 2020

Deadline for absentee voting in person in the county clerk’s office:
November 2, 2020

General Election Day
November 3, 2020

Voting by Mail Options for 2020 Elections

In June 2020, Senate Bill 631 was officially signed by Governor Parson, expanding options for voters in 2020 and creating two ways to vote by mail:

Absentee ballots: Voters may request an absentee ballot if they have or are at-risk for contracting or transmitting COVID-19. More information about this new reason is available from the Missouri Secretary of State’s Office at Voters using that excuse or the excuse of incapacity or confinement due to illness or injury do not need their ballot envelopes notarized. Voters can return their absentee ballots by mail or in person (you will need to show your ID when bringing it by in person), including curbside drop off at our office by calling (573) 886-4375 to schedule a drop off time. Voters can request an absentee ballot online on our absentee page.

Mail-in ballots: The law also creates the option of mail-in ballot that any voter can request in person or by mail. Voters that choose a mail-in ballot must have their ballot envelope notarized and must return their ballot by mail only. The mail-in ballot application is available as a PDF and can be mailed to the Boone County Clerk’s Office, attn: Mail-in Ballot, 801 E. Walnut, Room 236, Columbia MO 65201.

Whether you plan to vote by absentee or mail-in ballot, the deadline to apply for a mailed ballot is 5 p.m. on Oct. 21 for the November General election.

All ballots must be received in the Boone County Clerk’s Office by 7 p.m. on Election Day. Ballots received after this time will not be counted. It is recommended all ballots being mailed, whether mail-in or absentee, be mailed by Friday, Oct. 23, 2020.

Stealing and/or vandalizing campaign signs are misdemeanors in Missouri

With the general election swinging into full gear, another election tradition has already started to rear its ugly head – stealing and vandalizing campaign signs.


Already this year, there have been multiple incidents of Republican campaign signs in Boone County being stolen, vandalized, and even worse, American flags intentionally set on fire that were part of a Trump/Pence sign display (picture above).

“Although it is tough for cases to be brought forth and prosecuted, this type of petty  vandalism is both illegal and an infringement upon people’s rights, including speech and property,” said Boone County Republican Party Chairman Mike Zweifel. “You should not steal or vandalize other people’s property, no matter how much you disagree with the message or candidate.”

Stealing or willfully destroying campaign signs is a class four election offense, and convictions can lead to a fine and jail time. The relevant section is at RSMo 115.637.

On the Aug. 4 Primary Ballot: Medicaid Expansion and the Boone County Northern District Commissioner contest

Boone County voter information here, including deadlines for vote-by-mail and absentee ballots. Be aware of deadlines!

Boone County Northern District Commissioner (District 2) Candidates

Meet the candidates (alphabetical order):
Tristan Asbury
Sam Boyce
Jim Musgraves
Brenndan Riddles

Map of Northern and Southern Districts

On Medicaid Expansion:

Vote NO on 2

Vote NO on 2!

Here is the official ballot language from the Missouri Secretary of State’s website.

Why vote “No”?

  • Current Medicaid enrollees who truly need it will not receive the care they need.
  • Expansion will cost our state up to an additional $349,000,000 every year. This will cause either a tax increase or cuts to programs like education, public safety and transportation.
  • Medicaid financial fraud is already on the rise in Missouri. Expansion will only increase this fraud exponentially.
  • Nationally, approximately 800,000 people received coverage for which they were ineligible in states that had expanded.
  • Expansion WILL NOT save rural hospitals. If expanded, Missouri’s hospital Medicaid shortfall is projected to INCREASE by more than $150,000,000, which is equivalent to 2,700 jobs.
  • Medicaid expansion forces an Obamacare entitlement onto Missouri taxpayers.

Meet Northern District Commissioner Candidate Sam Boyce

Each candidate was sent the same list of questions developed by Central Committee chairman Mike Zweifel. Sam Boyce’s answers are below:

Why should voters elect you on Aug. 4 as the Republican nominee for Northern District Commissioner?

Sam Boyce

Sam Boyce

For over 20 years of my 45-year business career one of the many duties I had was the recruiting and training of personnel in 4 different midwestern states. Part of the process involved gathering and processing resumes on job applicants. To me, that was the most important part of the hiring process. That brings me to my point.

I feel that my resume qualifies me as the best suited candidate for the position of Boone County Northern District Commissioner. My business, sales and financial experience have extensively prepared me for the opportunity to serve the people of Boone County.

My business approach has always been to put leadership first but to also freely accept recommendations from people around me. This approach has always produced positive results and a work friendly enviroment.

Coming from the very humble beginning of 1 of 12 children raised on a small farm, along with my business experience, has prepared me to have the ability to communicate with people from all walks of life. That being said, I will welcome input and ideas from all Boone County residents.

In closing, If I am given the opportunity to serve, I will commit to serving with honor and integrity at all times, as well as being fully accountable and accessible to all Boone Countians.

Why do you want to be Northern District Commissioner?

Over the past 7+ years I have observed the continual disconnect occurring between the current commissioner and the citizens of Boone County. Several bad decisions have been made during that time, including the fairgrounds debacle and the controversial moving of Confederate Rock from the Court House. Many people have told me there hasn’t been an open line of communication available to Boone Countians during this time.

I will change that on day one. Accessibility will be my top priority as Commissioner. Accountability is also very important to the people of Boone County and it is also very important to me. I think sometimes public servants forget that they work for the people and not for themselves.

For the past 40+ years, I have been involved in multiple businesses that involved Farming, Sales, Financing, Insurance, Rental property, Building and Residential Development. Many of my careers were occurring during the same period of time. Multi-tasking and working with complex projects with large budgets have always been two of my strongest suits and I feel that it has prepared me for the important and challenging position of Commissioner of Northern Boone County.

What is the biggest issue facing the county currently?

The Boone County government budget is the biggest issue currently facing the county. The shutdown of the local economy has had a major impact on tax revenues. The County Commission will need to develop a safe, sensible and efficient plan to fully reopen the local economy. I feel that it is extremely important to accept and consider recommendations not only from health and medical professionals, but also from business owners/ managers of all professions. We all need to remember that they had a vision and the creativity to develop the businesses that they are in. Their ideas are important and should be given proper consideration. I have personally talked with a few large local business owners that have said they are on the verge of having to close their business. We have got figure this out or Boone County’s budget will take another major hit.

What is an under the radar issue you think should get more attention?

The issue that I feel should garner more attention in Boone County is gang violence and the drug crisis associated with it. It appears that there is a concerted effort to “keep a lid” on information concerning these activities in order to enhance the image of Columbia and Boone County. We need to be more transparent on these issues so that the general public can be better prepared to know what to watch for, which will enable them to be more helpful in providing law enforcement (all agencies) in Boone County with information pertaining to these activities. I own rental property in Northeast Columbia and can personally tell you it has been a nightmare. However, I will say, the CPD Community Outreach Program was helpful.

Describe your background and experience:

I was born and raised on a small farm outside of Linn, MO.  After graduation from Linn High School, I attended Lincoln University in Jefferson City, MO where I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Law Enforcement and Criminology and a minor in Sociology.

My experience is as follows:

  • 35 years as a farmer; primarily a cow-calf/hay operation
  • 5 years in automobile sales and financing
  • 20 years in the automotive ginance and insurance sales and training business/personnel recruiting with dealerships in parts of four different states
  • 24 years of residential rental ownership & management experience
  • 10 years ownership/management of a local residential mortgage company
  • 7 years as a co-owner of Henderson’s Implement Company in Columbia, MO
  • Co-owner & developer of 5 residential subdivisions in Columbia, MO
  • 20 years in the residential building business

How can voters contact you to help with your campaign?

Facebook: Sam Boyce Northern District Commissioner II
Phone: 573-819-1000

What is your position on the wind turbine project?

I am 100% against the wind turbine project in Northern Boone County. Having been around Wind Turbines in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado exposed me to the obnoxious, continual noise that is emitted from them. They are also very dangerous to native birds, including eagles, many of which are killed by Wind Turbines.

Clean and renewable energy is something that I am open to for consideration, but the cost to produce the windmills outweighs the energy produced by them according to several reports I have seen.

The third reason I am against wind turbines is it will definitely decrease property values in northern Boone County. People work too hard for their money to see it go away because of a bad decision made by a handful of people.

What can Boone County Government do to help diversify and expand the county’s economy so all Boone Countians, and especially those that are economically disadvantaged, can have an opportunity to prosper?

To expand the economy will require that we bring more business to the County of Boone and the City of Columbia and that will create more jobs. People say “We can’t fill the openings we have now so how is it going to help to create more jobs?” What we need is to attract more higher paying jobs that what we currently have. There are a lot of low- income people in lower paying and entry level jobs that would love to move up to better paying jobs. When this happens, it opens up job opportunities for people who are currently working part time but would like to work full time. Then the part job opportunities are available to people that are currently unemployed. The expansion of business will also attract more people from outside of Boone County to help fill job openings.

Also, I feel it would be worthwhile to investigate opportunities that are available with the USDA regarding grants and low interest loans for housing starts and remodeling of older houses that would be more affordable to disadvantaged individuals.

This is probably the most difficult and complicated issue we face in Boone County. It will require a lot of hard work to improve the opportunities for the economically disadvantaged, but it can be done if everyone in the city and county spend enough time working on it together.

Meet Northern District Commissioner Candidate Jim Musgraves

Describe your background and experience.

Jim Musgraves

Jim Musgraves

I am a recently retired 31-year veteran of the U.S. Navy.  I am also a Mizzou alumnus. I earned a NROTC scholarship while I was serving as an enlisted sailor which brought me back to Boone County.  I earned my degree from Mizzou, was commissioned as a Naval Officer, and left for US Navy flight training.

As a naval officer I had the privilege to serve with some of America’s finest. Over the course of several tours and many years I gained a lot of leadership and management experience. I have successfully built and led teams as small as a handful, to hundreds of people. I have successfully developed and implemented plans to efficiently manage assets in a variety of environments ensuring successful task accomplishment.  I have judiciously and efficiently managed budgets, some valued at thousands of dollars to those that exceeded millions.  I have successfully organized and led large cross-organizational collaborations.

Additionally, during my off-duty hours, I earned two graduate degrees: A Master of Education with an emphasis in Educational Leadership and a Master of Science in Administration focusing on Human Performance Technology.

As I began preparing to transition from the military, I specifically chose to come back to Boone County for my final tour, where I served as the Executive Officer and Associate Professor of Naval Science for the Naval ROTC here at Mizzou, because Boone County is home.

Why do you want to be Northern District Commissioner?

I am running for this office because I want to help make Boone County a better place to live for all of our residents and in order to accomplish this I believe we have got to return to the basics of governing – accountability through transparency, public safety, and infrastructure maintenance and economic development.

We need true and effective leadership to accomplish this.  I am frustrated with the lack of leadership in the Boone County Commission.  I have the leadership experience and skillsets to bridge that gap and help guide Boone County to a path of growth.

What do you think is the biggest issue facing Boone County currently?

The biggest issue facing Boone County is a leadership vacuum in the Boone County Commission.  An effective leader inspires trust rather than relying on control, fosters ideas rather than assigning duties, sees opportunities rather than problems, challenges the status quo rather than accepting it, thinks long term rather than short term, and encourages team members rather than instructing employees.

With true, effective leadership we can successfully address all issues facing Boone County.  I have the experience necessary to fill the leadership vacuum and successfully lead Boone County.

What is an under-the-radar issue you think should get more attention?

The Boone County budget, more specifically, the lack of transparency in how each of our tax dollars are spent.  I believe that if we have a stronger understanding of how our tax dollars are managed (or in many cases mismanaged) we would know a lot more about what the Commission is or is not doing for Boone Countians.

Accountability through transparency – The Boone County budget is bloated.  We as taxpayers are not told how our tax dollars are allocated and spent.  A budget pdf written in accountancy terms published on a web page is NOT transparency.  The state of Missouri has an accountability and transparency page on its website and Boone County should have the same!  This will allow the taxpayers to track were their money is being spent and make educated decisions about future tax proposals.

Why should voters elect you on Aug. 4 as the Republican nominee for Northern District Commissioner?

I have the leadership and management experience necessary to successfully perform as the Boone County Associate Commissioner for District II (Northern District).

I do not have a professional political consultant telling me what I need to or should say or do to get elected.   What I do have is over three decades of living a “service above self” life.  I do not have a pre-established fundraising network.  What I do have is decades of successful performance in leadership positions. I do have decades of successful teambuilding experience.  I do have a record of building successful cross-organizational relationships. I have been successful in developing plans to solve issues in fiscally constrained environments.  I have the leadership and management experience required to be a successful Boone County Commissioner.

“Service” and “giving back” are not political season slogans or ideas for me, “service above self” has been a way of life for me the last 34+ years.

What can Boone County government do to help diversify and expand the County’s economy so all Boone Countians, and especially those who are economically disadvantaged, can have an opportunity to prosper?

This is not a short answer question as there are several different considerations when examining the Boone County economy and how to diversify and expand it.

The County Commission cannot do this alone. Diversifying and expanding the Boone County economy will require collaboration between the Commission and the leadership in our cities and smaller communities. Our cities and rural areas know better what they need and what they can potentially offer to attract businesses.  The goal of this collaboration would be to recruit companies/industries to establish a footprint in Boone County. Once successful, the new businesses will expand the local economies and create jobs. Additionally, the tax revenue generated from the new businesses and jobs can help fund the infrastructure development that will necessarily be required with the expanding economy.

To address the “economically disadvantaged”, a specific definition of such needs to be determined.  Generically speaking, the jobs created through the expansion of the economy may help. However, the one thing for certain is that we need to determine the root cause(s) of this/these “economic disadvantage(s),” however they are defined.  Perpetual attempts to address the issue without consideration of its root cause(s) is pointless, and results in the need to readdress the same issue at some point in the future.

Please add a note on your stances about wind turbines and/or associated issues regarding them. 

The proposal for a potential wind farm in Boone County is an interesting one from the few articles I have read.  I would like to attend the next meeting of the communities potentially impacted by this to hear firsthand from residents, on both sides of the issue, rather than reading newspaper articles.

However, based on what I have read, it seems there remain a lot of unanswered questions such as safety, easements, and noise abatement concerns

Generically speaking, I support property rights of the individual. I do want to learn more about the E.ON proposal.

How can voters contact you to help with your campaign?

Phone: (573) 327-2372
On Facebook:

Meet Northern District Commissioner Candidate Tristan Asbury

Tristan Asbury

Tristan Asbury

Please describe your background and experience. 

My wife, Kari, and I have been married for four years this October. Being a Boone Countian for much of my life, and Kari being a Mizzou Tiger, Boone County was the clear choice for us to start our business and raise our family.

My strong work ethic and sense of fiscal responsibility have long been engrained into who I am. I started a landscaping company to pay my way through college, and later, along with my wife, went on to start a successful marketing company in Boone County. In addition to the media production company my wife and I operate, I serve as the director of strategic communications for the Missouri Association of REALTORS®.

I know how difficult it can be to run a business, especially in these unprecedented times. I will use my years of experience as an entrepreneur and at the Missouri Department of Agriculture where I opened additional avenues for companies to sell their Missouri-made products all around the world, to work for Boone Countians as your next Northern Boone County Commissioner. I will market Boone County as the best place to live, work, and raise a family because it truly is a tremendous place to call home.

From my time in FFA and 4-H, to owning a small business, I have spent my entire life learning about and advocating for one of the largest industries in Missouri and Boone County – agriculture. As your next county commissioner, those dealing with flooding, droughts, and unprecedented processing and market issues, will finally have someone who truly understands every aspect of the ag industry and can advocate for their needs. I know it takes being part of a community to understand its need, which is why I have always tried to help ours whenever possible.

From a young age, I worked with my father to serve the homeless population in Columbia, helping the underserved members of our community get back on their feet. Whether it is jumping into a truck and heading to Joplin, Missouri, to provide relief after the devastating F-5 tornado, flying to the Philippines for a 10-day mission trip to help after the deadly typhoon left countless without homes, or simply working with local charities to help pack meals for kids, I have been instilled with a sense of service to my community and helping people in need.

Kari and I are members of Missouri Farm Bureau and attend Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Columbia. I am a member of the NRA, a volunteer for local food drives, and a past member of Kiwanis International. I have the background and experience to bring a fresh vision to the issues facing our communities and understand the need for a new and more transparent way of operating our county commission.

Why do you want to be Northern District Commissioner? 

As a member of the Boone County community, I felt it was time to put my experience to work to better the community my family has chosen to live in. Boone County needs someone who understands what it’s like to start and run a business, has the knowledge of Missouri’s agriculture and real estate industry, and most importantly, not only understands how to communicate with the public, but market the assets our county has to offer.

What do you think is the biggest issue facing Boone County currently? 

Every county has areas where they could improve, however – in conversation with folks across the Northern District, there is one common thread in our conversations; they believe we need greater transparency in county government to represent their best interests. I agree. That is why I’ve committed to being transparent during this campaign and also as a county commissioner. I recognize there can be no true accountability without true transparency. I commit to bringing total transparency to the commission so there’s no question about the motives or decision-making process of the commissioners.

What is an under-the-radar issue you think should get more attention? 

Boone County business owners constantly tell me there is a lack of trained employees to fill the jobs they have available. An untrained and unavailable workforce can be the death knell of any local economy. We must ensure there is high quality and readily available technical education available for our workforce. Without a strong workforce, small businesses will struggle despite any opportunity or desire they may have to expand their business.

Why should voters elect you on Aug. 4 as the Republican nominee for Northern District Commissioner? 

I believe the voters of Boone County deserve a commissioner who, first and foremost, is transparent and accountable. They deserve a commissioner who understands what it’s like to own and operate a small business, one who truly understands the needs and pressures of Boone County farmers, and a commissioner who believes that infrastructure and public safety are vital to the local economy and local families. These are issues I care deeply about, and more importantly, have built my career on. That said, I hope to earn your vote on August 4th.

What can Boone County government do to help diversify and expand the County’s economy so all Boone Countians, and especially those who are economically disadvantaged, can have an opportunity to prosper?

Boone County is truly blessed when it comes to its offerings. In addition to numerous institutions of higher education, thriving local businesses and multiple rural communities, our county must be marketed in a way that attracts new people and businesses. Most importantly, we must continue to support our small businesses, apprenticeship programs, and technical education in a way that helps our workforce receive the training they need. By doing so, we are not only benefiting our businesses, but providing Boone Countians with higher living standards and better paying jobs. Lastly, we must fully support and fund law enforcement and infrastructure. Public safety and transportation are key to economic expansion in any community.

How can voters contact you to help with your campaign? 

Address: Friends for Tristan Asbury | P.O. Box 30742 | Columbia, MO 65205
Facebook: @Asbury4Boone

Meet Northern District Commissioner Candidate Brenndan Riddles

Brenndan Riddles

Brenndan Riddles

Why do you want to be Northern District Commissioner?

Because the people of northern Boone County do not currently have proper or adequate representation

What do you think is the biggest issue facing Boone County currently?

The impending budget shortfall caused by the COVID-19 response and how to prioritize the county services to minimize the felt discomfort to the people of Boone county

What is an under-the-radar issue you think should get more attention?

The current lack of leadership that manifests as an unwillingness to have the hard conversations. As a lack of transparency, as a wasting of public resources.

Why should voters elect you on Aug. 4 as the Republican nominee for Northern District Commissioner?

I believe I’m the best qualified person to represent the people of Boone county. My years of experience as a corporate officer where I demonstrated the quiet leadership skills that gained the confidence of the members who saw fit to elected president and under my leadership the organization went from near bankruptcy to an entire years operating capitol in the bank at the end of the year. With my decades of experience as a licensed electrician where I am regularly expected to anticipate the needs of a project a a year or more in advance while being responsible for as many as 10 or 15 projects per year.

What can Boone County government do to help diversify and expand the County’s economy so all Boone Countians, and especially those who are economically disadvantaged, can have an opportunity to prosper?

Always have a mind to expanding the tax base instead of the tax rate. Make time for opportunities that may benefit the people and economy of Boone County. Always watch, listen, and pursue potential economic growth. As a first generation American I’m not a fan of the economically disadvantaged mind set, whatever you do for a job do it like your life, your reputation, and your family depend on your work ethic because they do. My words to live by have been “get up, dress up, show up, and get after it”. We live in the USA there is no better country to wake up in.

How can voters contact you to help with your campaign?
Brenndan Riddles
3203 Brown Station Road
Columbia, Missouri 65202