Interested in Campaigning for Elected Office?

Are you thinking about running for office in Boone County on the Republican ticket? We would like to hear from you! The Republican Central Committee is actively recruiting potential candidates for county-level and other offices for the 2020 election.

Partisan offices will include:

  • Northern District Commissioner
  • Boone County Sheriff
  • Boone County Treasurer
  • Boone County Assessor
  • Boone County Public Administrator
  • 45th State Representative District

Now is the time to gather information, form a committee, learn how to be a candidate, and learn what it will take to win on the Republican ticket in Boone County.

If you are interested in running for non-partisan offices, like city councilperson, school board member, or others, and are a Republican, contact us as well. Local elections, even though are non-partisan, matter just as much as state and federal elections. Many policies, taxes, and ordinances that are on the books are made at the local level.

These policies, taxes, and ordinances usually start with some sort of recommendation from an official city board or commission. It is very important to be involved with your local government, and to participate in these boards and commissions. For more information on boards and commissions for various governments in Boone County, please click the following links: