Boone County Republicans thank Hartzler for continued backing of Trump-Pence ticket

The Boone County Republican Central Committee (BCRCC) has extended its appreciation to Fourth District Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler for her steadfast support of the Republican Party’s Presidential ticket of Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

A resolution, approved unanimously at the BCRCC’s October meeting, thanked Hartzler for her loyalty in the face of Democrat demands for her to abandon the ticket in light of comments made by Mr. Trump eleven years ago:

“Whereas, Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler has stood loyally in refusing to disavow our Republican presidential candidate or any other person on the Republican ticket as has been demanded by the Democratic Party’s candidate for her seat in Congress. We, the official Republican Committee of Boone County, do hereby declare our gratitude and appreciation, and we call upon the people of our county to vote for Vicky Hartzler’s reelection.”

BCRCC Chairman Mike Zweifel understands Congresswoman Hartzler’s continued support does not, in any way, condone the harsh comments made by Mr. Trump.

“Congresswoman Hartzler has made it clear she does not approve of Mr. Trump’s comments, but understands the future of our country is at stake in this election and she is focusing on matters of policy and the critical issue of who will appoint nominees to fill vacancies on the U.S. Supreme Court,” said Zweifel.

“Representative Hartzler, a woman who is being called on to withdraw her support for the ticket, has chosen instead to stand firm,” added Zweifel. “While she has denounced the vulgar comments, she believes it is imperative that Republicans and other Americans of all parties move on and put the future of our children and grandchildren first.”

The BCRCC is sanctioned under the Revised Missouri Statutes as an official representative of the Republican Party in Boone County. Its duties and responsibilities include raising money for GOP candidates, recruiting volunteers for voter ID efforts, and getting out the vote on Election Day.