Chair’s Message

mz_smallimageAs chair of the Boone County (MO) Republican Central Committee, I welcome you to our website. Our goal is to inform fellow area Republicans, about the latest scheduled events, points of contact, and news about Boone County and Missouri Republican events and activities.

Opportunities to get involved and to make a difference in the 2016 elections are numerous, and we need your help to succeed and elect Republicans at the county, state and federal levels. Whether a long-term activist, someone who wants to become active for the first time, or a voter who wants to know more about area GOP events, organizations and candidates, we need your enthusiasm and commitment. Our 2016 election headquarters is located at 1900 N. Providence, Suite 209 in Columbia (map).

The Central Committee strives to bring together people who believe in personal responsibility, an efficient, limited government at all levels, and equal opportunity to succeed. Even if disagreements arise on policies, all Boone County Republicans work together to elect officeholders with whom we agree with most of the time, because our similarities are greater than our differences.

Please join us as we advocate for growth, opportunity and prosperity during the 2016 elections and beyond.

Mike Zweifel
Chair, Boone County Republican Central Committee

P.S. To win in 2016, we ask for your contributions and support to help fund a campaign headquarters, advertisements, supplies, and much more. Even $5 is much appreciated!

Paid for by the Boone County Republican Central Committee – Norm Lampton, Treasurer

Mailing address:
Boone County Republican Central Committee
PO Box 1541 CC
Columbia, MO 65205-1541